Copper Cut-Off

Change is difficult at the best of times, so what should you do when your trusty wired phone stops working?

Most of us by now know a little about the NBN "National Broadband Network" as they have received notification by mail, email or phone as far as what to do next. So when you pick up the phone or open an internet browser, everything is Business as Usual.

Except, some are experiencing a complete loss of service without realising notification of the copper network Cut-Off, resulting in no way of calling vital Emergency Services or Family for Help.

The NBN provides Internet Access to the user, with this access you can also connect a phone to make calls like you would have before. Except there are some who don't need the internet or have never used this service and have no interest in learning to use it. 

The NBN does not provide and is incapable of "Phone Only" services.

There are alternative Non-NBN solutions available that can enable you to have a Phone-Only system with a wide variety of features, like big buttons, hearing aid connectivity. And best of all, if the power goes out your phone wont.

So What Should I Do?

If you or someone you know are unable to make a call due to the copper line cut-off, you could visit your local community center, friend or family member who can assist you in contacting your Telecommunications Provider.

Our Offer To You

If you have been affected by the Copper Cut-Off or don't know how to transition to the NBN and you are receiving the following Government Pensions: Aged Pension, Disability Support Pension or Carer Pension, *GLH PC Help will come to you and assist in getting completely connected to a service that is right for you. **You only need to pay for a device (if required), sim card or associated startup cost of a plan, our assistance is completely free.

*You will need to provide ID and Proof of Pension to utilise this free assistance.

*Available only to Gatton, Grantham & Placid Hills QLD Residents (at this stage) who are in a 3G (Cellular) or an active NBN service area.

**GLH PC Help receives no commission or payment of any kind from Sales or Services associated with getting you connected.

 Valid Forms of ID

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