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Why Refurbished?

And why you should buy one...

Throughout the year, many businesses and some people replace their laptops, desktop's & smart phones with a new one.

But what happens with the one they have replaced? Most likely its forgotten about or sold, so why would you want something that others have deemed to be not what they need?

Computers need to be maintained and upgraded over time to keep up with new software and be reliable.

Some of common reasons why devices are sold is components like a battery may no longer hold a good charge, internal components fail due to lack of maintenance. Older storage devices in these computers can get jumbled with personal files and programs, and this can have a extreme affect on the devices performance.

Every laptop or desktop computer that is for sale by GLH PC Help has been stripped down to its components, cleaned of dust and other debris and re-assembled with new components if required. Current generation storage devices are used (Known as SSD's) which are more than 10x faster than what was in it before. 

It doesn't end there, once the operating system is installed, extensive testing is conducted for reliability and safety. That's why GLH PC Help give a Guarantee and After Sales Support with every device sold. There's a bonus as well when buying a refurbished device, it's one more laptop or desktop that wont become Landfill.

Used, New & Refurbished

Article Courtesy of iFixIt

GLH PC Help disposes of lithium ion batteries and other hazardous components that cant be put in the regular bin responsibly.

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